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4 Bite Twisters
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4-Bite Twisters

We wrapped 2 bites of snacking cheese and two bites of beef stick in a tasty croissant, gave it three big twists and created a fun snack in four tasty bites!


  • Store-bought pastry sheet (substitute croissant sheets, if necessary)
  • Frigo® Cheese Heads® Snacking Combos (Choose your favorite!)


  1. Open and roll out the pastry sheet. Then, cut it into quarters (two triangles each, if using croissant sheets).
  2. Cut the Frigo® Cheese Heads® Snacking Combos into bite-size pieces.
  3. Place the bites, alternating the cheese and meat (with space in between), on the pastry dough pieces.
  4. Close each dough piece, covering the stick pieces, and pinch together along the length of the dough.
  5. Gently twist each dough piece at each of the three spaces in between the cheese and meat.
  6. Place the twists on an ungreased cookie sheet and follow the baking directions on the pastry package to bake them to a golden brown.
  7. Cool and enjoy each bite!