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Tabletop Beach Volleyball Snack
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Tabletop Beach Volleyball Snack

This Tabletop Beach Volleyball Snack-tivity is a wild and creative way to get your kids moving at snack time.


  • Frigo® Cheese Heads® Snacking Combos of your choice (one meat stick and one cheese stick)
  • Pool noodle
  • Hot glue
  • White non-sip rug mat
  • Knife
  • Ping pong ball or mini inflatable beach ball
  • Permanent markers
  • Lunchbox or basket (optional)
  • Sharp scissors



Use Frigo® Cheese Heads® Snacking Combos to make posts, add a net, and volley a ball back and forth until you are ready to get snacking!

Tabletop Beach Volleyball is fun to play at snack time, when you're camping, or even when snacking on the go!

Store all of your supplies right inside of your lunchbox for ease. Full instructions at